FarCry Core

FarCry Core is a ColdFusion web application framework, ideally suited for building tailor made content management solutions. Supporting both Adobe ColdFusion and the popular open source CFML engine Railo, FarCry runs in virtually any environment these application servers can be installed.

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FarCry CMS

FarCry CMS is a content management plugin for the FarCry Core publishing platform. Providing “out-of-the-box” options for News, Events and other dynamic content types. FarCry CMS is part of the FarCry Community distribution.

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Fandango Theme

Fandango is an HTML5 based theme, built on the 960.gs grid for the FarCry Core publishing platform. Fandango is the default installation theme for the upcoming FarCry 6.2 release (due out in Jan 2012), but can be used with earlier versions of FarCry with little or no modification.

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FarCry Plugins

The FarCry publishing platform has a host of open source and commercial plugins available for use from Google Analytics (tracking stats) to Janrain Engage (social media logins). Given that its easy to produce simple plugins, the Plugin Directory concentrates on larger services and solutions for the greater community.

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